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Workshops & Services


With a workshop covering 7800sqft it enables us to carry out all pipe and steelwork fabrication and to work with all types of carbon and alloy steels. The longest fabricated or welded section we can manufacture is anything up to 30 metres in length with a 4.4 metre width.


Pipelines & Welding

Promec engineering hold an extensive range of procedures and qualifications in carbon and alloy materials working to ASME & BSEN. We are able to use the latest welding methods and techniques both in the workshop and on site.


Fabrication & Site Services

Confined Space Entry

All employees undergo a doctors medical prior to any confined space training. With either entry or full working breathing apparatus, our staff are competent to carry out any welding or associated works. Additionally our tank repair tradesman will have a lead in blood test prior to commencement of any internal tank repair projects as per approved codes of practice, INDG285 & 305.


Promec staff hold certification in Construction Plant Competency Scheme (CPCS) for appointed persons and slinger banksman. By retaining these qualifications we are able to carry out our own supervised lifts ensuring more control under the Promec umberella of works.